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Alex Gierbolini: 8 Mistakes Women Make When Working Out at the Gym

Working out can be a difficult feat when you’re trying to juggle work, school, and family explains Alex Gierbolini. At the end of the day it’s easy for ladies to end up in bed with their flat-screen on “play,” but this doesn’t mean we should all give up on our health and fitness goals. It simply means we need to take a different approach or wear some more supportive shoes (see what I did there?). But enough about fashion faux pas; every woman has her own unique set of interests and abilities,

So here are my top 8 tips for working out at the gym. Just keep in touch with your inner Oprah Winfrey and you’ll find your way!

1) The one and only time I should be wearing earbuds are when I’m running to the subway. Getting in a workout groove means making like Rocky and pushing through your body’s natural exhaustion response. If you don’t have an hour to spare at the gym, you need to make every minute count so stop daydreaming about Prince Charming coming down from a white cloud on his golden stallion promising to love you eternally if only you leave this place NOW! Instead, invest in a good pair of headphones – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy – and start thinking positive thoughts.

2) Now that we’ve gotten rid of imaginary friends, let’s talk about what happens when your best friend becomes real: cellulite. When it comes to our bodies, everyone has something they dislike about themselves and for some people, that thing is the dimply fat that hugs our muscles like tree bark clinging to a wooden fence post explains Alex Gierbolini. You can hate it all you want but let’s be real, cellulite is awkward proof of life so suck it up and accept yourself for who you are because if you’re only doing squats every time you work out, your legs aren’t going anywhere!

3) I think we can all agree on one thing: chafing sucks! If any part of my body touches any other part of my body while I’m working out there better not be skin-on-skin contact because the first sign of friction means fireworks (not even in a cool Olympics way either)! This is why I always have a bottle of Gold Bond powder in my gym bag because nothing ruins the moment like “owwie.”

4) Finally unless you’re training for the Olympic competition, please leave the running shoes at home says Alex Gierbolini. If your goal is to get physically then invest in some good old-fashion trainers. Putting miles on running shoes will not prepare you for day-to-day activities or help you prevent injury so save yourself the money and frustration by getting your hands on an alternative pair of sneakers. Your feet will thank me later.

5) We all know that the gym is a breeding ground for bacteria and if we’re not cautious, we can easily get sick from overdosing on exercise. An easy way to cut back on germs is to bring a spray bottle filled with distilled water and add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender or tea tree work best) in order to create a germ-fighting force.

6) Working out doesn’t have to be expensive. One of my favorite pieces of workout equipment is the jump rope. Because all you need is a sturdy object to hang it on and you’re set! If you don’t want to spring for an overpriced gym membership then go outside, find something that’s low enough for you to reach your hands above your head while standing on the ground (a park bench works perfectly) and start jumping! I know it sounds silly but trust me; no one has ever died from skipping rope says Alex Gierbolini.

7) Sometimes procrastination manifests itself as anxiety so if you feel like taking a day or two off don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone needs rest days so remember that being healthy isn’t just about exercising regularly – it’s also about eating well, sleeping enough and getting plenty of rest. Things will only get worse if you don’t take care of yourself so keep that in mind the next time “squats” is looking more like a foreign language than a workout.

8) Finally, I can’t stress this one enough: hydrate! Being dehydrated decreases your blood volume which means organs have to work harder to send oxygenated blood throughout your body because of less = panic. It takes a lot of water for the kidneys to do their thing so please drink up or else we’ll have to subject ourselves to another colonic.


If you don’t have time to make an aromatherapy spray at home, I find it very helpful when working out at the gym to keep a container of hand sanitizer in your purse/gym bag then simply rub your hands together for five seconds before and after each rep says Alex Gierbolini. Now go rock those weights like the girl boss that you are!

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