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Body Transformation Challenge from Body Builders Professional Organization completed by Alex Gierbolini

Alex Gierbolini

Alex Gierbolini did a Body Transformation Challenge from Body Builders Professional Organization, OCB on July 2021.. Alex’s diet usually consists of a spaghetti with chicken, a salad, and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. Alex feels that he can’t lose weight because all the food his family eats is high in carbohydrates, fat, and calories. Alex has trouble sticking to his exercise routine; Alex says if it were up to him, Alex would eat pizza every day. Alex’s family doctor told Alex to stop eating junk food and lose weight because Alex is at risk for heart disease, diabetes ,and high blood pressure .

How Alex Gierbolini Achieve this objective

Alex is a normal exercise center participant however Alex’s exercise routine was not according to Alex’s necessity. Alex needed to construct his muscles and shed pounds from his body, so Alex reached OCB to set up a change challenge for Alex Gierbolini with a point of building muscle and loosing fat.

Here are some Important advances which completely changes him

Alex Gierbolini
Alex Gierbolini

:He Appoint fitness coach. Alex was doing exercise with Alex’s Personal coach for one Hour and Half, Six Days out of every week, Alex’s fitness coach knows Alex Gierbolini well overall and Alex Gierbolini fitness coach offers Alex guidance in counting calories and in exercise.

2.DIETING : Alex is taking Oat feast in breakfast , one organic product for lunch, one protein shake after exercise, Roti, 2 eggs and Alex’s protein shake after supper Alex is drinking 10-12 glass of water Alex Gierbolini each day Alex doesn’t take sugar in Alex’s eating routine Alex Gierbolini gives Alex Gierbolini 6 dinners in day.

3 ALEX’S DIET PLAN: Alex has taken high protein low fat eating routine Alex as Alex’s one hour and half Alex Gierbolini exercise Alex’s eating regimen plan is brimming with proteins Alex as Alex Gierbolini take Alex’s break quick Alex takes Oat supper this dinner has 20gms of proteins Alex as Alex Gierbolini take one leafy foods so this is likewise a high protein low fat Alex Gierbolini Alex has Alex’s lunch with one Roti and two eggs Alex as Alex Gierbolini takes Alex’s exercise drink so this is additionally high proteins low fat Alex Gierbolini feast.

4 ALEX’S SUPPLEMENTS: Alex has taken whey protein for muscle building and multivitamin tablets for Alex’s muscle Alex additionally takes Alex Gierbolini multi nutrient Alex Gierbolini Alex takes calcium and zinc tablet Alex has taken twice protein shake for Alex’s muscles.

5 ALEX’S MEAL PLAN: Alex does Alex Gierbolini exercise with one hour and half Alex has six days Alex Gierbolini exercise plan Alex has Alex Gierbolini breakfast with Oat supper Alex has Alex’s lunch with roti and two eggs Alex as Alex does Alex’s exercise so Alex takes protein shake after Alex’s exercise Alex additionally have one natural product for Alex’s supper.


Breakfast :Oat dinner , and one leafy foods

Lunch: Roti and 2 eggs and water

Supper: Alex takes Alex’s supper with Alex Gierbolini protein shake after Alex’s exercise.

His Diet plan






Take out cheddar, bars and snacks item the entirety of his suppers arranged at home.

Visit Chiropractic, Twice per month
To remain sound he Visit Chiropractic, Twice per month

Alex Gierbolini
Alex Gierbolini

By following these means Alex accomplish his objectives in a half year and Alex is a major model for us all that regardless of how troublesome it might appear, follow an appropriate eating routine arrangement and a decent exercise routine, you can achieve your wellness objectives.

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